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CountRite  Technologies Ltd

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People counting systems and Security systems

Our Customers

Our systems are currently installed in thousands of sites and thousands of customers like stores, shopping malls, libraries, casinos and more in twenty-five countries around the world.

When you review and compare our system with other systems, it is important to note that there is currently no company in Israel with proven experience in installing counting systems, such as CountRite Technologies Ltd.
Our systems are tested against other systems available on the market and are more accurate and reliable than any other system.

 Also, our systems have been successfully tested at very busy crossings.

In a Comparison test in England with a thermal counting system and other counting systems, our counting system counted over 96% of 2,000 people who entered and 2,000 people who went out through the same gate for one hour!

No other people's counting system has been tested or approached such precision!

Partial list of malls in which our systems are installed in Israel:

Seven Star Mall

Renanim Mall

Seventh Avenue Mall

Ir Yamim Mall

Grand Canyon

The Kiryon Mall

Ovnat Petah Tikva Mall 

Big Fashion Tiberias

Big Yarka

Big Fashion Ashdod

Lev HaMifratz - Cinemall

Sharona Market

Arena Nahariya

Azrieli Ramla

And more ..

Chain Stores (partial list):










Urban Outfitters 



And more ..

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