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CountRite  Technologies Ltd

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People counting systems and Security systems

About us

Countrite Technologies is engaged in providing management and security solutions in the field of stores, malls, night clubs, supermarkets, museums and more.

The Company specializes in:

· Installing systems for counting people and integrating them into the administrative system
· Installation of thermal systems for counting audiences in nightclubs
· Software systems, integrated in hardware, for personnel management
· Installation of car counting systems
· Security systems.

The company has specialized in installing and setting up these systems for many years, mainly in Europe.

The company's extensive experience is channeled into the Israeli market.
Countrite Technologies offers the most advanced solutions available on the market today.

Our systems have been installed in shopping centers, chain stores, libraries, exhibition centers, airports, casinos, night clubs and more.

Company Goals:
· Identify customer needs
· Preparation and installation of a comprehensive solution, according to customer needs
· Updating existing systems
· Maintenance of the systems in an ongoing manner
· Customer support at each step

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