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CountRite  Technologies Ltd

CountRite  Technologies Ltd

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Advanced People Counting Systems

Chain stores,Malls,Night clubs, ,Museums,Studium and more..

Counting System

Do you feel that you lack of tools and control management for you business?

Do you know how many customers entered and did not complete a purchase?

We have a solution for you!


Systems for counting people / visitors / customers.
Thermal systems for counting audience in night clubs.
Bicycle counting solutions.
Security systems for shops and businesses.


Countrite Technologies Ltd. has set a goal to provide advanced and quality solutions for its customers, all under one roof

About Us

Our Customers


Countrite Technologies is the largest company in the field of people counting

The company provides people/car/bicycle soultionsto chain stores, malls, night clubs, supermarkets, museums and more.

Among our clients, we can find the largest and leading shop-chains in the market alongside large shopping malls.

CountriteTechnologies ensures to her customers the right solution and provides the highest quality service

Between Our products you can also find:

  • A system for counting people in malls and stores

  • A portable system for counting audiences at events

  • Thermal system for counting audiences in clubs

  • Electricity-free Bicycle and people counting system.

  • Parking system marking

  • Andmany other products and solutions

CountRite- We Count Right !

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