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CountRite  Technologies Ltd

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People counting systems and Security systems

customer Counting System

The Extensive experience we have acquired enables our company to offer a number of systems for audience counting, according to the customer's needs.

We know how to respond by:

  • Thermal counting system

  • Video system for counting the audience

  • Infrared Counting System

And other advanced technologies in our possession.

At the center of the system for counting people is a sophisticated system that identifies people's movement, analyzes it using unique software and algorithms, and delivers the results to the computer.

With the system you can see the following data on the computer screen in real time:

· The total number of visitors.

· Number of people in and out from each opening in the site.

· Number of visitors per floor on the site.

· The number of visitors staying in each defined area on the site (in the mall: the restaurants area, the cinema area, etc.)

The system can also incorporate inputs from other sources, such as temperature measurement systems, power consumption measurement systems, counting cars, etc.


With real-time data displayed on the screen, you can get full management and control of what is happening on the site, to regulate the flow of visitors through the various entrances, to determine the number of operational staff in each area and at any time on the site,) On air conditioning systems, lighting, etc.

 In addition, many different reports can be obtained from the system's data:

· Detailed traffic / customer traffic reports

· Individual reports on each entry / area / floor on the site.

· Different comparative reports:

A. Days / weeks / months, compared to previous periods.

B. Comparison of entries on different days or previous periods.

third. Comparison of different areas of the site.

 the advantages of the system

· The system is accurate in all traffic density conditions

· Proven experience of many years


Audience count data can be displayed directly at Gazit (VeriFone), Comax, Priority (IDEA) and others

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