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CountRite  Technologies Ltd

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People counting systems and Security systems


In recent years there has been a growing recognition of the importance of counting visitors, everywhere there is connection with customers.

the number of people / customers that are visiting is very important and tremendous economic significance.

It is possible to combine the information obtained from the people's counting systems together with information from other systems, such as the amount of vehicles in the parking lots and to see (in real time) what is happening on the site.

All these tools, which we have, bring about a complete optimization of the organization's activity, adapting the manpower to the organization's activities, a huge improvement in the conversion ratios, a huge savings in operating costs and, consequently, a significant improvement in the organization's profitability.

Countrite Technologies has installed thousands of systems worldwide.

Our systems are installed today:

· Malls

· Chain stores

·  night clubs

· Supermarkets

· Casinos

· Theme parks

· Museums

· Libraries

·  airports

We know that every organization has its own needs and constraints.

Therefore, we adapt our systems according to customer needs and requirements.

We will be happy to assist you in providing advice on possible solutions and improving your organization's performance.

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